moving day {# 2}

thank goodness it’s friday! it’s been a really long week, and it all started with moving to Massachusetts. it’s been a while, i know, but if you want to see moving day part 1 click here. 

the day started with dear friends getting up early to say good bye one more time. there were tears, i’m not going to lie. thanks for bringing starbucks for our drive!

then there was the driving. it was the second hottest day of the summer. the hottest day being the day before when we packed the truck. thank goodness for my sister and husbuddy’s brother for coming to help!

by late afternoon we had arrived to our new home!

note:: really, you can’t see our home from this picture because we live on the first floor. so you can see the apartments above ours! 🙂 we unloaded some of the furniture, but not everything because we were exhausted.

so then we decided we needed to go for a drive around our little town. but got stuck at the beach:

this beach is only a 15 minute walk down the hill from our house!

it felt so good to put our feet in the ocean and it was just a beautiful night.

the next morning we had our first pancakes and bacon breakfast in our new kitchen!

it doesn’t get much more exciting than that.

after unpacking the truck for the rest of the morning we realized that our siblings were on the verge of revolt. we’ve used and abused them so it was time to do a little exploring and get out of the box-filled-super-cramped-non-ac-filled house.

Rockport saved the day!

ice cold drinks helped too.

it’s such a cute little town, and way more busy in the summer than it was when we visited in March.

and we had to get the brother/sister photos. I know that Husbuddy LOVED having his brother here. both for his massive muscles and for his company. i’m not sure which he appreciated more. hee hee.

and i’d like to mention that it was awesome to have my sister here! mostly to be able to braid my hair! -i know, i know,  i’ve totally abused our relationship by begging her to come to the east coast to help with the move AND to braid my hair as much as possible. 🙂 thanks for coming, sissy.  🙂

to be continued…


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