moving day {#3}

moving was long and arduous. we made a firm decision to hire movers next time we move. hold us to that, ok?!

when we finally got everything unloaded and truck returned to Penske we decided to go to the beach. Good Harbour Beach is the one we visited on the first night. it was time to partake of the relaxation that the beach could offer.

so off to the beach we headed.

Becca and I mostly just relaxed on the sand while the boys took out the boogie board. {yes, we just moved here, but Husbuddy found it absolutely necessary to buy a boogie board!}

i’d like to point out that i was given grief for taking the picture of the pretty ocean water and missing husbuddy’s “awesome ride”!! apparently i have a short attention span when it comes to watching him catch his dear waves.

instead i’d rather be soaking up the sun.

or pigeon people watching.

haha. another time i was given grief…

the boys had a lot of fun though.
then we took them out for a gloucester style dinner. Nick even had a “lobsta roll”

the next day we took Becca to the train station early and showed Nick a little around Boston before he had to catch his plane.

thanks so much for coming out, Becca and Nick! you’re the bestest!! 🙂

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