my sweet husbuddy

tea sampler

he’s so cute. yesterday he knew i was having a rough couple of days at work, so he stopped by The Paper-Source after some studying he was doing for a midterm and got me these!

 “just to help me get through the afternoon”

🙂 he’s so cute and a keeper! but don’t worry. i’d still keep him even if he wasn’t so thoughtful. i just wanted to brag about how sweet he was.  and how yummy my first cup of tea was!

(AND did you know that you can reuse these tea bags like 5-6 times?! they are super expensive, but when you think about that, it makes the cost go down 😉 it has to do with the silk around the bags and how fast it dries. I don’t really get it, but we were at a restaurant once and they told us that)

so: any husbands out there reading this should remember that it’s the small things that you do that make us wives feel all the more loved!  Bravo my dear for making me feel so loved with such a small gesture!

love you husbuddy!! xoxo.


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