new notecards on etsy!

hi friends!

it’s a beautiful rainy cold freezing absolutly miserable day today! yay! haha. it’s also friday the 13th. my dad was born on a friday, on the 13th, so i don’t believe all the superstition because my dad is a good guy. i’m so thankful for such a loving father who has always made me feel special. i miss him so much!  as you can see my mind is all over the place 🙂

 i finally got my act together and am putting more stuff up on etsy for sale! today i just uploaded these cute little cards made from my original painting of Fall . I cropped it and made it all cute. i just love how the little girl is giving you a leaf from the painting, with a beautiful farmhouse and trees and a road and a little white picket fence in the background.  now who couldn’t resist to order some of these to send to friends to say, “I’m thankful FOR YOU this thanksgiving!” I know i’d love to recieve a card like that…:) check it out on my etsy site!

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  1. Pamela Holderman November 14, 2009 at 11:47 pm #

    ahh love it! Keep on being oh so creative!

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