the other day, for his birthday, we went to Newburyport. it’s just a little jaunt up the road but we hadn’t visited there yet.

it was a fun little “day-cation” {as Husbuddy likes to call it}. we used to do little “day-cations” all the time.  we’d go explore a new place and just spend a day (or a couple of hours) checking it out…but now that rarely happens. it was nice to celebrate his birthday doing something we love: exploring!

we went wine tasting at Mill River Winery .{which to all our local friends: go check it out! they’re brand new and the wines we tasted were really good!} this was a special treat because since Husbuddy is now glutten AND yeast free he can’t have beer any more. our goal was to have a chance to taste test some new kinds of wines so he could know more what he likes 🙂 …and because i LOVE wine. ha. it wasn’t a selfish little gift at all…

then we walked around the town, went in a couple of shops, and went out to dinner. it was so nice. and so christmassy. and so quaint. Newburyport is really cute!

and so is Husbuddy! i am so thankful for my best friend and i’m so thankful he has birthdays to celebrate together!

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