nursery preview

well, my sweet husbuddy’s twitter says it all:

twitter late

bawhaha, i can already see us two girls totally annoying him with our punctuality. granted, i am WAY more punctual than he is making me out to be, he should meet some of my girlfriends! but, his “on time” is 15 minutes early…let’s be honest. that’s early. and on time means, right on time.

for now baby girl is enjoying her stay right where she is. i am not enjoying it so much…i’m ready to meet her, darn it!  so, in my excitment, i decided to share a few glimpses of our nursery today. it’s still a work in progress… but for now, it will have to do! ha. this little designer had big dreams for this space…so considering our budget of practically nothing, i’d say this turned out pretty fun! i’ll let you enjoy the pics:

little glimpses

a childhood lamb of mine + a new little lamb from a baby shower.

{the wall color changes in every photo because of course it’s a rainy day outside so the color didn’t come out right. it’s a really pretty turquoise…but that’s hard to tell in some of the pics! here is the post of us painting her room.}

vintage clothes

i went with displaying a bunch of vintage items. these sweet little dresses all have memories attached. {from left to right: my mom’s, husbuddy’s mom’s, my dad’s, my aunt’s dress with husbuddy’s grandma’s hat and bib}


this shelf was a 5$ find and was painted with love by my sweet mother-in-law. for now we are displaying a few items that we both have from our childhood. my piggy bank horse and a creepy-big-eyed porcelain doll that i always had in my room. on the other side, husbuddy’s thomas the cat music box and piggy bank.


as well as one of baby girl’s first pictures.

toys and books

we have already been blessed with a box full of toys and a few books!


this cute Amish bench was found at a local place for 15$ and i had to have it for baby girl’s room! husbuddy’s old teddy bear and an amish doll that i had growing up are currently residing there.  we thought it was pretty fun that i had this doll growing up and now we live in amish country! so fun!


the crib and bedding are just beautiful with lots of color and lots of ruffles. my mom made all the bedding and is bring along more pieces when she comes in a week! we have so many handmade blankets as gifts. we have been so blessed by the love of family and friends! this yellow blanket was made by my aunt in Australia. and i even have another one from baby girl’s aunt in Japan! {my world traveling sister!}

this little girl is pretty much being spoiled from around the world. hee hee.

cross stitch

that cross stitch art piece was hanging in my nursery growing up. it was made by another one of my aunts! how fun is that?!

{the dresser was painted with chalk paint earlier this fall by my m-i-l and me, to see that post click here}

framed dress

this sweet little vintage dress will probably not last in its current location very long. {too close to curious hands!} but i love it framed with the bonnet and handkerchief and shoe. this was Husbuddy’s grandma’s baby outfit! how beautiful is it?! {i plan to show a tutorial on how i did this in a day or two}

painting by pam

and finally, a beautiful painting by my mother-in-law is hanging over the crib. {Pam has her art website here} her work is beautiful and i am so lucky to have it gracing baby girl’s nursery walls!

i’ll try to get more full-view pictures when the room is more put together. for now, i hope you enjoyed these little glimpses!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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2 Responses to nursery preview

  1. Brenna McDonald December 30, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    My brother had the same bear as JT growing up! I don’t know if it was my brothers name for him or on a tag, but that looks just like his special “rugby” 🙂 I love the wall color and everything looks beautiful! You’re so close, you can do this! 🙂

  2. Pamela holderman December 30, 2013 at 5:13 pm #

    Ahh she is blessed to have this beautiful space. Now she needs to give up her current wonderful home in your belly and check out her new room!

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