o darling, let’s disappear for a couple of days

a couple of weeks ago we actually took a little break and disappeared from our normal day to day. it may seem like that’s all we do around here, you know, travel and party,  since that’s all i post about these days, but trust me, this was a much needed two day break away from the crazy world our life has been the last few months! what’s funny is we felt like we had disappeared into the mountains (what mountains? there are no mountains around here!) but we were actually only 35 minutes away from our house. WHAT.   there was beautiful scenery, nature, creeks and streams, hills and rocks… so much beauty! the-hike

it was a breath of fresh air.

we ended up going on a “little” hike one day.  girl-with-daddy

it was “little” because, of course, Husbuddy led the way, we only got lost a couple of times, we took some “scenic” routes, and ended up bouldering up a hill… no biggie. {besides being 8 months prego at the time…} 

but that’s just a good ol’ fashioned hike with family, isn’t it?! LOVE it.


and can i just mention, Sophia LOVED it too. view i mean, she LOVED it. and it made me wish we could go for hikes every weekend! rock-sitter

well, why can’t we?

family-at-creek do you even see that bowling ball i had to hike with? bawhaha. it was good exercise and i didn’t mind… until we got to the bouldering part. i was literally climbing over huge boulders going straight up a steep hill. ha, oops.

it was the next morning, Husbuddy looked at me and said, “hun, i think you look different, i think you dropped.” then, a day later, it was confirmed by my midwife. um yea, that’s what the hike did… it brought baby girl right on down into position! haha. well, a story for when you’re older, baby girl.


we had these dear friends join us! who am i kidding, it was actually their idea to disappear to this location for a few days. {thank you for talking Husbuddy into it!} how sweet are they? and while i hiked with a bowling ball, they hiked with a 3 month old. ah! they are amazing.  playing-at-creek my dear adventurers.  throwing-rocks-into-river learning from daddy how to throw rocks in the water. (she only got a little wet from throwing them RIGHT in front of her)   piggy-backs and this is how Husbuddy had to carry the toddler up the rocks at the end (which i didn’t get a picture of- too much huffing and puffing) 

i didn’t really get pictures of the rest of the trip. let’s just say there was lots of good food, no screen time, lots of games, lots of walks to the playground for the toddler, some crafting and lots of laughter. it was a lovely time. whole-black-rock-group sometimes one just has to disappear into nature to be reminded of the things that really matter and God’s peace. i’m so thankful we got to do this before baby girl got here! we will be back though, for sure!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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