o mondays.

o mondays. sometimes i don’t like you very much.

this past monday was a little wild.

let me tell you the story…

it all began a couple of weeks ago when husbuddy got his second sinus infection of the month.

when he was finishing the antibiotics he got weird sores on the back of his throat. that’s when he went to the doctor and was told to “suck it up” like I told you in this post.

bawhaha. stick it out. suck it up. get tougher and get over it.

easier said then done, mr. doc.

then on sunday, it had just been too long and it hurt too bad. we went to the urgent care place about 20 minutes away that was actually open (-unlike the princeton primary and urgent care… seriously, what is the point of calling it urgent care if they’re not open in off hours??)

he got something called a “magic mouthwash” which was supposed to numb his throat a bit.

he took the meds, watched some superbowl and then went to sleep.


then he woke up at 6 am on monday.

felt a little itchy…

looked in the mirror…

and had a panic attack.

“honey? what’s wrong with me?”

he looked like the hunchback of notre dame.

I am so not joking.

{but i didn’t tell him what he looked like.}

then I jumped out of bed and took him to the ER.


…6 hrs. + lots of benadryl later…

his eye and ear and right side of his face was almost back to normal.

(he wouldn’t let me take a photo until after the swelling went WAY down)

phew. all is going to be ok.


we ended up having another doctor’s appointment later that afternoon because there was still the issue of open sores on the back of his throat.

we went to an ear, nose and throat doctor.

first of all, has anyone ever been to one of those? {i’d love to hear about your experience!}

we had never experienced it…let’s just say it was beyond one of the most bizzare doctor’s appointments ever.

first of all, when they brought us back into the exam room, all of the furniture, the chair and drawers were all vintage. think vintage dentist or barber’s chair that you see in movies... that is what husbuddy was sitting in.

at first i thought-” ooo cool, i better take a picture of this”-and then the doctor came in and i didn’t have time. two seconds later, things were not so cool, because he brought out tools that looked like they belonged to the same vintage as the chair

although apparently they didn’t.

i won’t go into the groddy details (because trust me- it was gross!)

but there was a device that opened the nostrils as wide as a quarter…

one device blew air really fast like at a dentist’s office…

one device was about 8-10″ long with a video camera at the end…

one “device” included the longest tweezers you’ve ever seen and  about 6″x3″ worth of cotton swab…

let’s just say i almost lost it on multiple occassions because i either about died of laughing with shock at what the doctor was doing to him or almost throwing up because i was so grossed out.

and mostly because the doctor didn’t warn husbuddy before he was about to do something…

um, isn’t that in med school 101? warn your patient what you are about to do.

i mean, come on, people. we all know that.

but really, the doctor was nice and was trying to help. we didn’t feel like he wasn’t. i think husbuddy was just shocked and felt a little violated  sick.

needless to say, when we left the office, the first words out of my sweet, pastor-to-be husbuddy was “holy sh***, what just happened to me?”


let’s just set the potty mouth aside and pretend it never happened…

but i felt the same way.

poor husbuddy and poor husbuddy’s nose/throat. 🙁


then we finally made it home for the night after picking up the prescriptions for both the allergic reaction and the infection that caused the sores on the back of the throat.


then we ate our first gluten free meal- gluten free pancakes- for dinner.

which were actually pretty good!


and then we thanked God that we made it through the day and we praised him for giving us healing and strength to make it through. as hard as monday was, really, it could have been way worse. we realize that and are therefore thankful for it!

o monday, sometimes you just knock us over. i praise the God who gives us the strength and courage to get back up again.

and i hope that this monday is so much better.


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  1. Pam Holderman February 14, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    oh my I have to say I did laugh a little when I read this. What else can you do?

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