ode to 2009

Our 2009!

in no particular order:

1. JT got into Princeton Seminary! We didn’t believe it when it happened, sometimes we still don’t believe it…

2. I successfully presented my Architecture Thesis for the masters program! I didn’t think I was going to live to see the day. But look! I’m still alive. 🙂

3. I graduated with my Masters of Architecture. Whoop whoop!

4. We drove from the west coast to the east coast in 1 week. Holy cow was that a drive. First we drove from Boise Idaho to Seattle, Washington to drop off the car we borrowed from JT’s parents, then we flew back to Boise and picked up a rental Penske truck on the way home from the airport.  We packed up all of our stuff… which happens to be way more than you’d think for a young couple of recent graduates… and with the help from my mom and two sisters, we drove from B-town to P-town. Princeton NJ!!! (it’s only an hour from the east coast… so even though we didn’t actually make it to the coast with the truck, we still think that counts)

5. I worked for two awesome, but completely different architecture firms! Who knew I could get two jobs in the year that was supposed to be a horrible recession. Granted, both were part time… but still. God be praised!

6. JT was “partner of the month” at Starbucks in February… the same month he was fired… haha.

7. We adopted a puppy! Our very first little puppy!! :)Cute little Samwise Calvin… haha. O boy how the little guy has taught us a lot of lessons…

8. We saved enough money to pay for the all the puppy’s vet visits… including getting him fixed. phew…

9. We both went into “the city” that is- NYC– for the first time in our lives… separately.

10. We’ve been exploring a lot of new places out here on the east coast. 🙂

11. JT passed Greek with perfect scores! 🙂 yes, he can now read the new testiment in it’s original greek. I’m so proud of him.

12. We live in a state where you can not fill up your own gas…where you can not turn left…  ?  … where there are are “burroughs” and “townships” overlapping each other with the same name and you have no idea where you are… where highways don’t connect… ? …where being married doesn’t proove you live together… where while you’re driving down the highway you feel claustrophobic because there are too many trees and you can’t see anything!! ( i miss big-sky country ) … where most of the people here glare at you if you smile at them, or give you the finger while driving… sheesh. why’d we move to such a scary, confusing place?

13.  We got to go back and spend a few nights at the camp where we met before we moved. It’s so beautiful there… and it was so nastalgic. That’s where my husbuddy first told me he loved me!

14. JT finished his third year of youth ministry and hopefully final year… he loves the kids, but his passion is to teach deep heady adult theology stuff that when he tried, he totally bored the kids… 😉 hee hee.

15. This time last year we were in Hawaii with my family. Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa!

16. We had the pleasure of seeing all of our family this year. Some of them multiple times! We are blessed indeed.

17.  I started following my heart by playing artist everyonce in a while. As well as starting this blog. It was a scary step to put myself out there and to admit that I want to do more with the talent and passions God has given me.

                                             Thank you for putting up with me and giving me encouragement!

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