oh ya…

shop so, i finally re-opened my etsy shop! i’ve a million plans for that little thing but if anything ever gets added to it, it will be a miracle. and i will let you know if it does!

{just like i did last week…}

new painting words


right now there is a couple printables and a couple custom pieces available.

like my Red Letter Words canvases: they are completely customize-able as for size and word. they are made with bible pages (i know, gasp!) and a little red paint and a LOT of love. hee hee.

love example love3


then i still am selling original custom architectural renderings: which are a super fun gift or meaningful artwork. what’s fun with these is that i send you the jpeg that you can print as many times as you’d like! {think how fun they would be as notecards?!}

anyway, these are all old news, i realize that.

so in all my free time i’m working on a few new ideas that are rattling around in my head…you know, in all that space left over from just staying at home and doing nothing all day…har har.

well ok, just a few sketches and some paint thrown around. but at least it’s a start.

anyway, feel free and check out my etsy shop!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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