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Here is where I eat my words. Here I was sharing how excited I was about these oils just a couple posts ago because they keep us SO well! da da dun…

Well, we’ve been sick for about two weeks now. Taking turns, some getting better some getting worse. Now the dreaded “man cold” has arrived so we’re all feeling over it. {tee hee. Love ya husbuddy… 😉 }

YES, we still get sick when using oils because hello, we have a toddler in the house. A toddler who, I caught last week LICKING THE WINDOW GLASS AT A COFFEE SHOP. what?! yes. really. {gross! blech!} we still get sick because of said toddler(and guess what, she’s almost 4 years old…)

So, I thought I’d come on here and share some of my “go-to” oil recipes for colds. This is the third post in this oil OR “Unicorn Tears” Series {haha} and I just need to state, these are not in replacement for medicines. Think of it like another tool for your toolbelt. Another way to help you feel better. I am not making any sort of statement saying these heal us! The FDA would not allow me to say such things! I’m just saying these help give some relief, a tool I can pull out first, before pulling out the big guns, or second, after I’ve already given them medicine.

Anyway, so first up:

What I rub on the kiddos:

Thieves diluted with a roller top so I can just roll it right under their toes. Sometimes I do it on their spine too. The Sniffle-ease is an ALREADY diluted mix of oils that helps children to be able to breathe! It’s awesome. Sometimes Sophia asks me not to put it on because it actually makes her have to blow her nose…um… dear, that means it’s working and we want that…but try explaining that to a little threenager. haha.

What I diffuse for the coughs (this is best for kids, for adults I sometimes make it stronger!) I love this though, because even for me when I am sitting in this room with the diffuser going with Lemon and purification I feel the cough stop. Sometimes when Sophia can’t stop coughing to go to sleep I put this in her bedroom and her little lungs relax. She stops coughing almost immediately.  Other ideas to diffuse for coughs is RC or Melrose. Both have worked but the one above is the best!

And now this little magic bullet:

This is the magic “cold bomb” that helps me (and hubs!!)get better faster: 

I admit I don’t always make it the same way. If I’m not sick yet, I don’t use oregano(that’s good for fighting off sinus infections!) And if I’m fighting it I might add extra vitamin C through lemon and grapefruit and orange.

This is what I use when I have a coughing fit or before trying to get to sleep with a cough:

Guys, to warn you that is one INTENSE spoonful. But it numbs the throat a bit and it seriously takes away the cough!

Now, I’m going to need to order me some more thieves because we are running on low in this household at the moment.

Do you have any “go-to” essential oil recipes for when you’re sick? Please share!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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