on facing fears

on Monday, i took off work early and we drove to JFK.

let me explain how HUGE that is for us.

since moving here we’ve been a little terrified of the amount of traffic there is on the east coast. we live only about an hour and half away from JFK, but because of traffic, sometimes it could take three maybe four hours to get there some days. (!)  now, when we were in college we used to go for long, exploratory drives all the time. it was the way we could talk about serious things and it was calming to drive through the hills and get lost in forests. driving was such a happy time for us before we moved here.

the problem since moving has been that all the traffic makes us anxious. drivers here are crazy! and when we live this close to so many crazy drivers it has caused a weird anxiety that we never had before. so, we’d always try to avoid driving anywhere there might be traffic. which  explains why it was pure craziness for us to drive to JFK. we most definitely said a prayer or two.

we took the south route to avoid Manhattan on the way there.  we left at 3 to make it there by 6, you know, just in case we hit traffic.

we drove across this 12$ bridge. it was spectacular and beautiful… but 12$? ha!

{side note: that’s the Shuttle sitting on top of the 747 right outside of jfk!}

then we picked up this stranger.

meet, my little brother, Phil.

in the 3 years of living here, he has never visited us. {although, to be fair, we haven’t been able to visit him in Boulder, either}. we’ve been terrible about staying in touch and even worse at seeing each other.

a couple of weeks ago, when stalking him on facebook (give a sister a break, it’s the only way i know what’s going on in his life) i saw that he was coming to NY on a business trip, and i freaked! EEEk! i jumped on this chance to see him! i was so excited! then i sent a thousand annoying texts to him until he agreed to allow us to pick him up from the airport, take him out to dinner, and drive him to his hotel. i think it was around the 989th text that convinced him, then it took 11 more texts to figure out the details… thinking about it now, giving him a call would have been easier… but he never picks up anyway 😉

considering we had never been to Long Island before, we took our chances, pointed to a spot on the map and hoped it would be quaint and lovely.

it wasn’t.

haha. but we walked down to a little pier and looked at the water and pretended that it was a gorgeous vista.

which is almost was. 😉

then we stumbled into a just-ok-restaurant. but it was o so lovely to get to spend time with this funny, cute, sweet guy. i am so proud of him. he has grown so much since i moved away from home.  he is a ROCKSTAR. i mean, literally, he is an awesome rock climber. (i’ve even seen professional photos of him rocking it!) he is an engineer…therefore he is a mister smartypants. he was on his first business trip with his company.  i can’t believe his company sent a 22 year old all the way to NY! but he’s such a good, hard worker and such an honorable guy, i’m sure no one even thought about it. (does it sound like i’m writing a dating ad? haha… well ladies, he is single! hee hee jk) but seriously, he has impressed me by the man of God he has become and the only thing that makes me sad is that i don’t get to see enough of him.

and he paid. pretty sweet. hee hee.

seriously, check out that boy… he’s too handsome to be related to me. 🙂 after dinner we took him to the closest CVS so he could pick up some toothpaste. (i said it was his first business trip, didn’t i? give the boy a break! hee hee)

then we dropped him off at his hotel and kissed him good bye. i told him to be a good boy the next day at work. (gotta keep up the bossy oldest sister act, you know?!) then we started the long drive home. Luckily it was late enough that we thought most of the traffic would be gone.

and then i called momma because seeing Phil made me homesick.

as we were driving along there a sign for the Brooklyn Bridge.

um, honny… did you see that? remember how that was one of your life goals? to drive across THE Brooklyn Bridge? He didn’t need reminding though. we talked about it and decided there was probably still too much traffic for our anxious hearts… and heading into downtown Manhattan seemed like an anxiety disaster.

then 2 miles later. we changed our minds.

and turned off into Brooklyn!

whoop! Adventure! (you have to say that the way we used to at camp when we were dating: “Ad-veeennn-Ture” )  now we can totally check off that ol’ bucket list!

it was pretty surreal driving through China town and Little Italy. i was also amazed at how fast you can drive across Manhattan considering usually we’re walking it, and that takes forever. 🙂

but we did it!

i’m not going to lie…there were tears of joy and amazement that we were able to face our fears.

we drove across the Brooklyn Bridge, people. you may not be amazed at that feat- heck, you may live in the City and do it every single day! kudos to you! but for us, it was an accomplishment and fears were overcome. and we didn’t do it alone.

 Luke 1:37  “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

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