on getting away

as you may have noticed from my not-so-subtle last post… we went off on another adventure this past week!

Photo Jan 30, 10 04 49 AM

it was a quick trip down to Florida for a conference. it was a much needed little respite from the cold of New England. we saw the sun and weather above 30 degrees! {granted, the day we left apparently it hit 60 in Gloucester…how’s that for luck?}

January for us, although really fun with all of our trips, has been really draining and hard. it was so good to have a couple of days just the two of us. we needed a little breather together.  i got to spend some quality alone time by the pool while husbuddy attended the conference one day, we had some awesome worship with good ol’ southern worship bands, and we also got to spend a day at Disney!

in front of castle

husbuddy has only been to disney land, and i’ve always told him how much bigger {and better!} disney world is. ha. now he got to experience that for himself. it was a FULL day because we did both Epcot and Magic Kingdom. whew! were we exhausted!  it was great though. here are a few highlights::

florida collage

{including: our bright red rental car, a couple of sunsets, visits to france, italy, and japan, ratatouille -the rat- visiting our table at lunch, sunshine and smiles}

we finished off our 3-day-date with dinner at House of Blues in Downtown Disney. it was really fun to enjoy live music and southern food. Photo Feb 01, 7 43 52 PMit was SO good to get away together to have quality time and quality conversations and quality adventures. 🙂

i am so blessed.

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