one of those nights

well, it’s been one of those nights.

one of those nights when i was going to be SO productive.

it started with a nice “glorified walk” in the institue woods with Husbuddy and Puppycakes. i say glorified walks because, give me a break, that’s not a hike(as some people i know call it). but it’s not a walk either, because a walk usually includes sidewalks… at least the Institute Woods feels like the real deal.

and i thought this was a good way to start out after work, a little exercise is always a good motivation 😉

then we made and avocado, BLT sandwich wrap for dinner, you  know, because we’re glutten free over here. pretty healthy, right?

except for the bacon part.

then husbuddy kissed me goodbye and went to a meeting.

and i was very positive that this was going to be a very productive evening. i have plenty on my chore list, yes, but i was hoping for some creative time. it’s been sooooooo long when i’ve done anything besides doodling.

well, first let me just catch up on my blog-list. you know, just five minute break before i start working…

an hour and a half later…

doh! is that the time?

how does that happen?

so i jump up ready to get to work,  and then i turn the corner and see the mountain of dishes.


so then i decide its time to turn on the dance music… lately it’s been Thompson Square. yup. a pretty awesome dishes-dance mix, if i do say so myself.

dancing gets puppycakes excited and so when i’m done dancing with the dishes i notice he’s thrown up all of his dinner. question, dear readers, why do dogs always decide that the carpet is the best place to throw up?


then i decided that because i just cleaned up barf i’ve earned a game of spider solitaire.

{dirty little secret: i LOVE that game. only when i play with all 4 suits though-it’s just lame if you only play with 2.  hee hee and i’m always so proud of myself for winning, and often have to show it off to Husbuddy}

and i won. 🙂

but Husbuddy wasn’t here to show, so it wasn’t nearly as exciting.

then i decided to make a cup of tea and blog about my overly productive evening.

yup. productivity at its finest folks.

now don’t you feel better about your own evening? because i’m sure you’ve done a better job than i have. 🙂 or maybe you just are more of a realist than i am and you never give yourself goals after a full day of work… hee hee.

xo-kimberly renee


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  1. Pam Holderman June 6, 2012 at 12:52 am #

    Oh so sorry… I have been planning to start painting the last two weeks, but at least my pinterest boards are organized… Such a proud moment.

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