other images from colorado

 {i apologize for more vacation pictures…i can’t help it!}

while in colorado, we were able to spend lots of time just hanging out with Nana, Papa, and auntie Amy. it was the best.

nana's lap

there were lots of lap sitting and horsey rides

eating with nana


feeding time with Nana. {way better than momma}

amy and chris

we got to hang out a little with auntie Amy’s boyfriend.

they’re cute.

amy and S

lots of cuddles with her.

hanging with amy

hanging out and being sillly.


kisses at garden of the gods

we also took one afternoon to go for a little walk around our favorite colorado springs attraction!  kissing camels S at the garden of the gods

we loved us some Colorado sun

family at garden of gods

we all rock sunglasses pretty well. Sophia most of all.

jt and me


amy and me walking alike

people say my sister and i look alike… i don’t see it.

girls at garden of the gods

Sophia! look at the camera! it’s a girls’ shot!

family at garden2

i love my little family!

and i love that we were able to show Sophia a tiny bit of my hometown! it was such a fun, restful trip with family. next we get to show her Husbuddy’s hometown… Seattle in a few weeks!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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