our little trip to NYC

a little over a week ago now, if you follow me on instagram, you know that we took a quick trip to New York! a few people thought we were crazy for bringing our toddler with us. yes, it would have been simplier without her. but at the same time, it’s SO fun to share these new adventures with her!

we had such an adventure so i just wanted to share a few pictures with you.

NYC choo choo

the little miss was SO excited for her first “choo choo ride.”  i only told her two days before we left but even still, we could hardly contain our excitement for those two days! haha.

NYC central park

on the way to the church where husbuddy was headed, we stopped at central park.

NYC central park girls

we were going for a Presbytery meeting that Hubsuddy had. we were really just tag-a-longs. it was great to get to sit in on a *tiny* bit of the proceedings and also to be involved in the evening worship service, but mostly, the girl and i went exploring.

NYC pastors wives

we met up with our favorite pastor-wife friends! and enjoyed a lovely time together which included a giant slide in central park and ice cream!

NYC cp slide2

Might be her favorite thing from our trip 😂 yesterday on the most awesome slide right in Central Park!

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NYC cp slide

she ADORED that slide!

NYC ice cream

you can imagine how this ended… tee hee. #worthit

NYC night

our walk back to our hotel after worship. i always think NYC is pretty at night.

NYC husband

the next morning Husbuddy had more meetings but we were able to enjoy lunch together and a long walk back to the train station.

NYC on way back to train

NYC train right home

needless to say the weekend wore her(ALL OF US!) out. i’m barely feeling recovered even a week later! ha. it was such a blessing though to be able to go on a little adventure with my husband instead of being left behind as normal. we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the City.

anyone else take their toddler with them on their adventures? it’s always worth it- isn’t it?!

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps- if you want to see our other trips to the big city- before the kid- check out (some of them!) here: in 2011 , in 2011 x2,  in 2010 , in 2010 the hotel review,  in 2009



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