weekend work

hi! i hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 🙂 my husband is still sick, so i’ve been doing a lot of painting and watching movies. what fun! here are the creations from the weekend. the buttons on the paintings gave my scanner a hard time, so sorry some of them are blurry. let me know what you think! 🙂


"when one door closes, another always opens" (the writing below the door)

i like the wacky hair of this girl 🙂 wish i could pull it off… ha. the whispers in my heart keep telling me that the  possibilities are endless… will  i walk through the door when the opportunity opens?

i miss you

there's so many people i miss...

the list could get really long if i started… you know who you are… all of you who are so far away!


joyful noise
“make a joyful noise to the lord all the earth!” psalm 98:2 (the handwriting includes other psalms and songs)

this piece is a praise to the Lord through my painting… i’m not very good at singing… i’ll be the first to admit that i’m horrible at singing. my joy comes through art and being creative. so here is one that screams of praise to God! also, the girl reminds me of my dear friend Stephanie, who has a voice of an angel. i loved to stand next to her during worship when we were in college. 🙂

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busy bee

well, JT’s sick so I brought home a movie for him…and because I can’t sit still for a moment… what did i do? yup! made a pretty bracelet! and a pair of earings… 🙂 thanks agian Lorene for teaching me! 🙂

Here are a couple pics…

the inspiration from Bodegashoppe.com
the inspiration from Bodegashoppe.com
so, the bracelet above is gorgeous, ask the owner, my mother in law… she got it at a shop at the shore, check out the full story by clicking on the picture… anyway, i wanted to try copying it. not completly, because i don’t have the cute antique buttons and cuff links that Pam’s does, but maybe the style would be fun to try? here’s my go at it:

an old bracelet, that i like, but thought i'd spruce up :)
an old bracelet, that i like, but thought i’d spruce up 🙂

a bracelet from an old dear friend. thanks Chels for giving it to me way back in the day!

look at all the pretty beads and charms!
look at all the pretty beads and charms!
i like the way all the beads work together
i like the way all the beads work together

jt sick 013

i wanted to stick with silver colors. the bracelets at the Bodegga Shoppe are all color coordinated, which makes them super cute. and well, i only really wear silver… so it made since.

now it has a little more pizazz :) AND it looks like the one that Pam bought!
now it has a little more pizazz 🙂 AND it looks like the one that Pam bought!
look how pretty it is on my wrist 🙂

pretty red earrings
pretty red earrings

and of course the earrings were fun too. finished just in time for the end of the movie! 🙂 JT gets what he wants, a buddy to watch a movie with, and i get to keep busy and happy 🙂 now if only JT will get better… and not get me sick!!

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the weekend.

dear friends, thank you for being so encouraging in my love of art and design and desire to share it with you. please let me know if there is anything i can help you with! 

it’s been a very wet and windy and cold weekend and i feel like i’ve hardly gotten anything done that i needed to, but alas it’s just about over.  our puppy has a new hairdo- half done by the groomer- half done by yours truly with help from my husbuddy. it’s still cute enough though. enjoy the pics!



Also, on an exciting note! I sent one of my favorite paintings to shutterfly to make into notecards. They are now listed on Etsy so check it out!  Let me know what you think please! 3cardscards2

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fall colors

my new painting! i really got into transfering with my mother in law last weekend, so this has a background that’s transfered from an image of fall and a beautiful house on a hill. it inspired me to focus on the colors that are right outside our window! 🙂 And Jenna helped with the idea too. Thanks friend. 🙂 It has real dried leaves on it too. It was fun to say the least. 🙂 fall

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a little bit of design

This is a sketchup model that I made to show the clients what their kitchen could potentially look like! It’s going to be fun, with beautiful skylights, the island got a little wider since we talked with them and there’s going to be cove lights and a couple beautiful chandiliers! This is the fun part of my job! I love how easy to use and versitile sketchup is. It may not get the best, most realistic images, but it reveals to the client exactly how their product will look in 3d.  I wish I could have made a model of the pantry because i’m really excited about how cute that is going to be too. It’s going to have chicken wire in the upper cabinets and cute little shelves all around. You get to the pantry through that pocket door you can see by the fridge. I really like the blue appliances. 🙂 It spices things up a bit in this old colonial home.   large view 1

large view 2

large view 3

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fearfully dancing

a simple embrace. a simple dance. that's all i want.


there are days when i love to dance the sweet dance of life. there are days when it seems like the sun and all the birds are singing a chorus to dance to! there are days when there’s no where else i’d rather be.

 but then there are days when it’s too  scary to step out onto the dance floor. i’m scared of what people will think. i’m scared of being judged. i’m scared what my close loved ones will say when they see how i really dance. i’ve been told by people that i’m not good at what i love to do. i’ve been told that my work is worth nothing. i’ve been told i’m wasting my time. how sad is that? it’s hard to ignore those little voices because for some reason they are louder than the encouraging ones.

yesterday i put my first piece of work on etsy…just cause. just to try to conquer that fear that’s so afraid of rejection and judgment.  it was one of the scariest things i’ve ever done. will people just laugh at me? will they think what i like to do is ugly? will any one ever buy anything or am i just wasting my time?

 it was just one painting. soon there will be more. but it was just the first step out onto the dance floor…

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