fearfully dancing

a simple embrace. a simple dance. that's all i want.


there are days when i love to dance the sweet dance of life. there are days when it seems like the sun and all the birds are singing a chorus to dance to! there are days when there’s no where else i’d rather be.

 but then there are days when it’s too  scary to step out onto the dance floor. i’m scared of what people will think. i’m scared of being judged. i’m scared what my close loved ones will say when they see how i really dance. i’ve been told by people that i’m not good at what i love to do. i’ve been told that my work is worth nothing. i’ve been told i’m wasting my time. how sad is that? it’s hard to ignore those little voices because for some reason they are louder than the encouraging ones.

yesterday i put my first piece of work on etsy…just cause. just to try to conquer that fear that’s so afraid of rejection and judgment.  it was one of the scariest things i’ve ever done. will people just laugh at me? will they think what i like to do is ugly? will any one ever buy anything or am i just wasting my time?

 it was just one painting. soon there will be more. but it was just the first step out onto the dance floor…

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a sad puppy

this past week our dear little puppy got completely loved on and spoiled with attention from his grandparents Pam and Doug. 🙂 look how happy he is in Pam’s arms!

so lovedhow happy

  there wasn’t any chance of being ignored this past week like sometimes he is when my husband has homework or i’m painting or sewing or reading or something.

how much of a puppy face can you get?so sad!

so then this morning he was distraught that they were missing. he seems tired from all the attention but o boy does he miss them!! look how he longingly looks out the window to see if he can see them coming… o the life of a sad little puppy who misses grandma and grandpa. haha

where are they?

on another note, Pam is an awesome artist! yesterday we spent all day making a mess while she was teaching me how to transfer. what fun!

 here is one of my little creations. it is dedicated to my dear friend Andrea who is 8 weeks pregnant today!a gift of life

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totally fun inspiration!

i just got this book yesterday! i’m so excited! every chance i’ve had i’ve been checking it out. i really admire Kelly for her work and for her desire for others to find their dreams and go for it.

 click on the picture to have a look for yourself!

by Kelly Rae Roberts

by Kelly Rae Roberts

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A Sunday Sketch… a day late…

I know I’m a little out of control here, but I’ve been meaning to post all of these from this past weekend. The sisters is my favorite,  but these too are just a couple of sketches that are fun. 🙂 Let me know what you think!

there's always hope

This one is really important to me. I heard a song on the radio the other day where one of the main lines was “be as you are” talking to a girl who was looking at magazines for her self image or to a teenager who threw up to stay thin enough for the world around her. The message of the song was, Young girl, be who God made you to be, because you are beautiful just as you, you are one of a kind, no one can be as beautiful as you are, because no one else is YOU!be as you are

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Working away

200-mercer-057 200-mercer-065 Isn’t this old house that I’m working on cool? We’re designing some additions on both sides and fixing up a lot of structural issues on the inside. But on the outside… it looks gorgeous doesn’t it?! 🙂 Yup! This is my job!

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Journey Together

Journey Together ... dedicated to my sisters... Amy and Becca :)

Journey Together ... dedicated to my sisters... Becca and Amy:)

To my sisters. You are both better than me. More beautiful. So very much more funny all the time-how do you do it?  So smart and wise. You always have something good to say. If you don’t you’re quiet and usually are reading a book. You don’t get caught up in the world- your focus is above. I’m so thankful for you both, both of you my beautiful, sweet, sisters. Let us journey this life together always.

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confustion and inspiration try 2

don’t get me wrong. i love my job. it’s the best job i’ve ever had. somedays, like yesterday, though, my mind wanders and i dream.  i dream about what it would really be like to be so passionate about something that i would call my job that i would be excited and passionate about it every day. where my mind wouldn’t wander away. yesterday, as i was sitting at work, all i wanted to do was to go home and paint. that’s how excited i’ve been about painting lately! it’s been great inspiration, and i’m totally caught up in it. my job is great… but maybe there’s something better? i just get confused about the purpose of my life and how happiness, passion, excitement for what i do,  is suppossed to fit into that…

on another note… we went to Terhune Orchards today with some friends! what fun!

october and art 106

they had a “pick your own” flowers field. it was so much fun! and the flowers were gorgeous!! how do you ever only pick a few? as you can see we got a bunch… and JT had fun with the camera… 🙂 october and art 099 there were these two adorable kids, trying to lift their pumpkins up onto the wagon. the thing was… the pumkins were just as big as they were! i just thought it was too cute and had to take a picture 🙂 october and art 068 october and art 067

what a fun saturday morning! including the apple cider donuts, the market with fresh produce, a wagon ride, a little hike, and of course, flowers! 🙂 it actually felt like for a second we weren’t in jersey any more…

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