painting our dining room table


in the midst of all the stress of buying a house and moving i decided to paint our dining room kitchen table

*insert crazy-girl statement here*

i think it was a good way for me to be creative and to start “nesting” our future home while being super stressed about all the house-buying stuff. it was a good outlet for me and most definitely a learning experience! i have never painted anything so big before!


this is our table. we bought it at the Goodwill in north Spokane in our first few weeks of marriage for 20$. can’t find that deal, ever! to get it to our apartment we turned it upside down and placed it on the roof of Husbuddy’s VW Golf and both held onto it out the window while we drove the mile back to our apartment because we didn’t have rope.  oh-to be young and that foolish again. hee hee.

through our 7 years of marriage and 7 moves, it’s been through a lot of abuse!

you can even see the tell-tale sign that it was the tabletop for an art project or two {all though i have to point out that the worst markings that you can actually see in this photo is Husbuddy’s attempt at priming our verse signs a little zealously this summer…} it has a laminate top and sides that are peeling and it’s really just sad. so i didn’t feel one bit bad for wanting to paint it and hopefully give it a few more years of life.

i followed this tutorial by Centsasional Girl.

table redo collage


don’t you just love how much happier some furniture seems to be when painted? this is a happy table now!

i painted and waxed it before we moved and i’m sad to say that during the move it did get some scuffs and some dirty finger prints… but i think i can fix that with a little touch up and with another coat of wax it will be as good as new!  after

i’m in love with it!  have you ever painted a table? did you use it as a stress release too? ha! and i’d love to hear, did you wax it?

watch out world… i may be painting a lot more furniture in the near future!

xoxo-kimberly renee



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