painting with my girl {and my newest painting}

so we’ve been painting together and it’s been so fun. she loves to play with the colors. i put a shirt that we were giving to goodwill on her and so she was totally covered. life is good when you can make a mess care-free! painting

and i just love this photo of her being all intense:

Painting in daddy’s old shirt 😍

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and speaking of painting, did you happen to notice my newest angel painting all big and beautiful in my entry way/dining room?

Dining Room circled

there ya go, i circled it for you. ha.

i’m really enjoying her being there all big and bold and beautiful. she has layers of music, layers of bible pages, layers of paint and layers of love. ; ) so fun.

Angel of Spring and Grace Art Print

she is now all set up in my society6 shop if y’all are interested in a print or notecard.

xoxo-kimberly renee


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