photos from January {part 1}

ok. so January happened already. um, wow.

my days were filled with lots of little girl coos and cries so forgive me for being MIA. here are some pictures to appease you and hopefully i’ll be more around in February! {if you follow me on instagram, you may recognize most of these} 


with nana

Nana was here for the whole month. it was SUCH a blessing having her extra hands and having her feed us. and Sophie loved being held by her and making faces with her. it was amazing. we all love and miss her so much!


snuggles were abundant.

first walk

our first walk around the block. it’s been really snowy here {i promise i’m not lying even though there’s no snow in the picture!} so we haven’t been able to walk around outside as much as we’d like.

little hands  

baby hands! {and apparently a lot of fuzz that gets caught in baby hands…just keeping it real. lol!}

sleeping beauty

this hat slays me. she has it on this morning again and her head is almost too big for it already! ah!

a first smile

one of her very first smiles.

faces with nana

making faces with Nana


my preppy little model. {um, ya, not going to lie, i may have a LOT of fun dressing her}

kisses with daddy

she LOVES it when her daddy comes home. he loves snuggles with her and he always thinks she has grown so much while he was away for the day. it is so sweet to see them together!

daddy and daughter

my heart is full and i’m totally exhausted. we are slowly getting the hang of the new schedule. life is good!

these photos are from the first half of the month. i’ll be back with more recent ones, i promise!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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