photos from the 4th

family photo lauffenburger side

over the 4th there was a big party in colorado. too bad i didn’t get a photo of everyone who was there! this one was taken the next day of everyone from my dad’s side of the family who we got to see! {plus a couple girlfriends and a boyfriend! picture stolen from my aunt nancy}

we had about 30 people at my parent’s house for the 4th of july! Sophia got to meet everyone(and be held by almost everyone) which was so fun. i only got a few photos of that day, so dear family, if you have any, please share! xo!  enjoy:

amy and sophia

sophia’s favorite aunt amy {ha, she hasn’t met the other one yet! soon though! and too bad this picture has a butt in it lol}

aunt karen and sophia

Aunt Karen taught her how to ride the horsey. THANK YOU Karen, that’s all she wanted to do the whole way home on the plane! HA ha!

s with grandma and grandpa l

she also got to meet almost all of her great-grandparents!

s with ggma and ggpa

i’m pretty sure in this photo she is saying “oh momma, i’ve got them wrapped around my finger already…bawahahah”

ggma with s

i love that she could meet my dear grandparents.

grandpa fred sophia3

she also got to meet Husbuddy’s grandpa Fred. 90 years old meets 6 month old. so neat.

grandpa fred sophia2

i know from these photos, it doesn’t look like there were 30 people there. but it was nice to get some intimate shots of Sophia with family members.

sophia playing with nanas necklace

Sophia loved Nana’s jewerly almost as much as Nana… hee hee.

grandma pam sophia

we also got to catch up with Grandma!

family on 4th_2

i insisted we get a family photo to celebrate the 4th and Sophia’s half birthday!

more photos from the rest of our Colorado trip coming soon. forgive me for the photo dump! also, forgive me that we’ve been home a week and i’m just now getting to these! whew! i need a vacation after catching up from my vacation. so…maybe we’ll go to the beach tomorrow. ha.

any of you still haven’t loaded photos from weeks ago? months ago? trust me, i’m there with ya. hee hee.

xo-kimberly renee

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  1. Lynne Davis July 18, 2014 at 11:38 am #


    She just gets cuter and cuter. Gorgeous eyes.

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