Picking strawberries

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last week we went strawberry picking. it was SO FUN and it only cost $1.75 per pound. um hello amazing. {all pictures captured by phone… i’ll have to bring my camera next time!}


you can almost smell the deliciousness through the screen, can’t you?


it was a little tricky with the little miss trying to fall asleep in her ergo. my knees were killing me from trying to pick them and hold her still! but it was TOTALLY worth it because, i’m telling you, like i told you last year, lancaster county strawberries are DA BOMB. hee hee. SO yummy!


and my date was pretty yummy too. hee hee. i know, i know, i’m a jokester today. 20140611-194610-71170082.jpg

we both decided that if we were the stealing-kind-of-people we’d want to steal a couple of these handy little carrying thing-a-mabobs. yes. i did just say that. out loud. yikes. the sugar high is getting to me…maybe we’ll just buy or make one of these carrying thing-a-mabobs… that sounds like a better plan.



we also decided that next year we’re growing our own strawberries for sure. but this picking our own was such a good deal. we packed three of those (larger than normal) blue boxes full and only paid $6.50. we joked that i should go a couple times a week!


aren’t they pretty? i froze most of them before they could over-ripen.


but the last few days, we’ve had a couple of the MOST AMAZING strawberry lemonades. yum.

dear june in lancaster,

i love you with your strawberries.

xoxo, kimberly renee

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