pictures from around town

last week Husbuddy was gone home visiting with family. he left me alone to do some exploring around town by myself.

 here are some images of the adventures puppycakes and i had by ourselves::

first there was the docks that are down at the bottom of our street. we walked there a couple times a day.


puppycakes didn’t notice that the seagulls were watching him so intently… they were on every single pier just watching him. it was hilarious.

i don’t know why it’s so memorizing to see the water and the boats.

we also found a new “park” that had a path to these cliffs. definitely have to come back here with Husbuddy!


i’m sure puppycakes won’t mind getting to come back. 🙂

he was just so happy to be on a “hike”

my attempt at a self portrait.

then we walked along a memorial walk downtown. we hadn’t done that yet, so i just went with puppycakes. lots of other people had their dogs out too.

this seems to be a famous statue… i’ve seen a lot of paintings of it. it makes me tear up. kind of amazing that this little town has been around since 1623! {yes, i know a million other places have been around so much longer! but it’s kinda cool to live in a town with so much history!}

and that so many people have died in their ships!


and all the wives and children who lost their daddies and lovers to the ocean. it makes you contemplative and sad to really think about how the ocean ruled the lives of so many in this town. being from Colorado i’ve always been completely oblivious from this kind of life.


and puppycakes is just  happily oblivious.

i think puppycakes misses how much attention he got when husbuddy was gone! haha. but oh boy are we glad he’s back. 🙂








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