playing in dirt

dirt play3 dirt play4 dirt play2 dirt play9a dirt play9 dirt play8 dirt play7 dirt play6 dirt play5 dirt play1b dirt play1a dirt play1 dirt play  we played in the dirt this past weekend as i mentioned in my lent post. we all got dirrrrrty. sophia liked playing in the dirt the most. she was also practicing her yoga moves- downward dog, splits and face plants! lol. it was so fun to watch her run around our yard!

i know some of these pictures show that our neighbors don’t really care for their yards… trash piles and broken fence anyone? ha. but hopefully we’ll be able to cover some of those views with vegetation and prettier things…eventually. but for now we’re enjoying the process of fixing up our own little yard! it needs a LOT of love!!

and sophia is loving herself some dirt.

next, we get to start planting things! yay!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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