practicing creativity for 31 days {with my camera}

i wasn’t going to do a “31 days” post again this year. i really wasn’t.

until just now.

i have written for 31 days in October for the past couple of years. last year i wrote about “practicing prayer” for 31 days. the year before that i wrote about “artfully letting go” for 31 days. this idea comes from the The Nester who encourages us to write for 31 days straight to become better writers, bloggers, and  just for the goal of sticking to some topic for 31 days! it’s a group thing so it’s encouraging and uplifting.  and it’s kind of hard to do! but i’ve loved what i’ve learned from it every time. i’ve learned about myself and i’ve opened up more in my writing. but again, i really thought i was too busy to do anything this year. {let’s be honest, i probably am}

the past few days though, i kept reading about other people who are doing the 31 day challenge and i keep thinking about it. i realized that i LOVED what i learned about myself during the 31 days so i thought, well, maybe i could do it.

but i didn’t have a topic.

so then i put it off again. until i realized that i do have a topic. i’ve learned so much the past couple of months about being open to noticing what God is doing in my life…(for example, this post about remembering to be thankful) and i want to be intentional about seeing what God is doing daily.

and… i want to be creative.

i’ve been deeply missing being creative. i’ve missed how i feel more centered, closer to God, and more of who i am- when i am creating or painting or drawing. i also know that i love to see the world from behind a camera lens and i’ve been longing to get better at my photography.

so… what if i practiced “seeing creatively” with my camera every day in October?

31 days button 250

{yes, i’ve done something similar for lent- a picture a day, and i guess this is kind of similar…but hopefully i can still learn from it!}

i also know, that when i take the time to “see” –to quiet my business and just notice– what God is doing, i find so much more to be thankful for. and i know learning how to be thankful leads to JOY. {which is my word for the year, you can read more about that here and here} so my goal for these next 31 days is to:

to creatively “see”–>which leads to thanksgiving–> which leads to ultimate JOY.

and i’ll be sharing my journey here, with you.


day 1:

being thankful for the sunset and for my life. {this was an attempt at a self portrait in the evening sun.}

day 1

what about you? have you ever done a 31 day challenge? maybe you could join me!!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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2 Responses to practicing creativity for 31 days {with my camera}

  1. kaileyrogers October 1, 2013 at 9:23 am #

    I’m so glad I found your blog through the Nester! I’m so excited to follow your series and would love to get to know you better! I LOVE this topic! 🙂

    • kimberly October 1, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

      thanks Kailey! i’m so glad you found me too! i’d love to hear your thoughts throughout the 31 days! xo

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