prayer -who for {day #28}

pray for::

Your Spouse! Your loved ones! Your children!

we’ve been to Family Life conferences a couple times together. i can’t even count how many times they strongly suggest praying for your spouse. it is SO important. i mean, think about it. Husbuddy is the most important person, friend, love in my life after God. i should pray for him. all.the.time.

they gave out this brochure at the last conference we were at that i’ve had by my bed since then. if only i wasn’t so used to seeing it there and i actually read it once in a while. 😉 it lists different verses that can help me to pray for him. for example:

“Fill my husband with love for you, that he would love “with all [his] heart and with all [his] soul and with all [his] mind” (Matt.22:37-40)

“Compel him to pray continually(1 Thes.5:17) so that he’ll live and walk by your Spirit” (Gal. 5:25)

“Because you oppose the proud and give grace to the humble (James 4:6) instill a genuine sense of humility in my husband’s heart” (see also Isaiah 66:2)

you get the idea…it actually makes it seem pretty easy. just take scripture that stuck out to you today, and instead of always only thinking about how this can affect yourself, think and pray for your spouse through it!  be careful though, you’re not on a mission to “change” them. you’re on a mission to watch God grow them while He grows you too.

if you’d like to make your own list of how to pray for your husband/wife there are some resources on Family Life website. Like this list on praying for your husband or  this article directed to Husbands on how to pray for your wife and this list of ideas on what to pray for her.  there are even articles on how to pray for your children. It is important to remember to pray for your loved ones, but even better to pray together. See this article about growing together spiritually together.

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