preview: a new design adventure

I AM an architect intern. I design. I use the design process to come up with ideas, dream about possibilities, and create into reality.

My field is one that everyone seems to know all about but nobody really knows about it. Ha. How to explain this i wonder…


When you hear the word architect” what do you think? Some lofty picture of some modern man in a fancy suit who can draw and who can work construction.  OR these pictures which came up on my google image search. Hilarious! But nope.

You all pictured a man didn’t you?! Man, (no pun intended- seriously)  my boss gets SO freaking mad when she gets a resume or letter that says “Dear Sir, …” because for some reason, everyone, even architects looking for a job, assumes that an architect must be male.

But that’s a side note.

But do you see what I mean? Everyone has these ideas of what an architect is and what an architect does. And I want to clear that muddy water up. It’s going to be slow going though.

It’s harder to explain than:

  1. I go to work 8-5 BUT am expected to work more, sometimes on weekends, because architects are notorious for lack of time management and there are deadlines. (btw- i believe i’m the only recent architecture grad WITH good time management thank you very much. except philip O. he did too)
  2. come up with ideas of a design
  3. then get down into the details so the thing can actually be built.

what a cute little door! it makes me think of an alice and wonderland type door...even though i can see that there's nothing behind it, will i find something else if i open it?

Architecture is a profession that is compared to a doctor or a lawyer! But no one except architects and lawyers realize that. Architects know this because they have so much professional responsibility and our scheme of work is so all encompassing. They have to go to school to get a “professional” degree just like doctors and lawyers, then they have years of interning to get in enough hours before they can call themselves an architect, a lot like a doctor’s residency.

Lawyers understand the comparison because they usually have to defend for architects when they get sued. Which is like all the time. Weird huh? No one realizes how much responsibility architects really have!  This blew my mind at my first job. My first boss was practically a part time lawyer on top of his job of running an architecture firm because he was good at defending other architects.

Some of the reasons architects get sued are obvious. One case we learned about in school stated that the architect forgot to put a handrail on a stair in an apartment building. No one noticed until some person in a hurry reached to grab the rail and fell. – I understand why the person who fell got mad- but why is it just the architect’s fault? Wasn’t there a contractor? Wasn’t there a building inspector? Don’t people check these things?

Yes, but for some reason everyone understands that nobody is perfect, but everyone expects an architect’s designs to be perfect. It should be pretty darn close- don’t get me wrong- but who in their right mind can claim that they’ve made something “perfect”? without any sort of blemish or fault? We can’t because we ourselves are not perfect so how can we create something that is?… but then so many architects do claim that their design is perfect which drives me out of my mind… ack!

Anyway, again, I digress. But interesting—no?

aahh the serenity of an old back porch... what does this make you think about?

The point of this blog is as follows:

It’s hard to show my family and friends what exactly I do since I work in a firm and can’t go around showing everyone all of our design ideas and “secrets” but can show them the finished project. :-p  Sometimes my husband says that my boss works “magic” to make it so beautiful in the end when he has no idea what i do! 🙂 haha.

Just think about how it’s hard to find an artist who will show you their work and then show how they made it… at least it WAS until I met the blog world of artists who are so generous with their ideas. SO. It is my goal to do just that. Show you my ideas whenever i get a chance.

I have a design project all of my own, not through my firm, but for my in-laws. My plan is to (slowly remind you- I do have a day job) go through the project with you so you can understand what it is I do. And… so I can show my in-laws the progress on their beautiful house! (that’s the real reason for doing all this… not for all you other people who made it through this far of the rambling… geez… do you have a life?)

This way, I can show you, rather than explain to you what it is I do, which is just a fraction what an architect in a big firm does. This way my friends and family will at least understand what the heck it is i do everyday…

SO! Enjoy the journey my friends! So much of design is the journey— that will hopefully end in a finished, functional, beautiful space that should encourage productivity and life –not take away from it.

this picture is soooo random. stairs and ladders going nowhere 🙂 typical

(btw… all these pictures come from that cool house i told you about a while ago…)


be prepared for the design process to follow for:


___________________an artist’s studio_______

(note:  who knows when i’ll get to the rest of this though…

i do have good time management… i do. i do! )


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  1. Pamela Holderman March 10, 2010 at 8:50 pm #

    Oh interesting. Just getting caught up with your blog – have been taking a blog reading break jut to make sure I am not addicted 😕 Wish we could build whatever you design!

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