race day

this is just documentation to prove, that yes, my dear daddy, your lil’ kimmy did run in a 5k today.

I hardly believe it myself, so I don’t blame you for not believing me. 😉

hee hee

{husbuddy documented the whole thing, just for you though.}

this picture shows just how excited I was that it was snowing and I was going to go run in it:

before race snow excitment

my office. we have our numbers attached:

kaa before race

{ps- husbuddy? why didn’t you tell me my earwarmer was on upside down?? I mean seriously, sweetie… seriously}

then, because it was so cold, we had to warm up. so we did some jumping jacks. apparently jumping jacks are pretty hilarious:

warm upwarm up2

walking toward the starting line, we wondered if we should have worn goggles…the big flakes kept getting in our eyes!

kaa going to racekaa going to race2

and we’re off!

race begins

many minutes passed.

husbuddy patiently waited in the snow.

thanks sweetie.

I mostly ran the whole thing! I only walked a couple times but it’s ok, it’s my first real race, and I still beat my own personal time. it was nice to run with the other two from my office so that we could talk and take our minds off of the pain…

there wasn’t that much pain

only a little. 🙂

at the end, we all came in together:

kaa race we did it!kaa race-we did it

phew. glad that’s done.

I had a lot of fun-actually.

maybe, if husbuddy did it with me next time… I might do it again some day! 🙂

I guess I could be talked into it if my dad did it with me too.

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0 Responses to race day

  1. Jim February 12, 2012 at 12:36 am #

    You could run AND talk at the same time ???


  2. Pam Holderman February 12, 2012 at 2:31 am #

    I am so impressed…really. And the photographer was pretty good too.

  3. Elizabeth February 12, 2012 at 11:11 pm #

    You’re so amazing Kimmy! Good job! And good job taking pictures, JT.

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