Rainy Day distractions

It’s been raining now for 2 days straight! O! I’m a Colorado/Idaho -maybe just western- girl at heart. There in that sunshine filled part of the country it doesn’t do this. In Seattle… yes. But everywhere else I love? no. sigh. Wish I was there!

 So… i’m here to distract myself.  AND since I promised to keep up my “Sweet Finds” blogs, I should probably get back to that! It was suppossed to be every week! I’ve failed. I know. But good thing no one is grading this… right?!

So here are some pretty little things to distract you from the rainy, blustery, grossness that is outside 🙂

1. Pretty Eggs!!

It’s Easter time. For people with kids, it means getting out the egg dying kits… or maybe this?!

Robin's Egg Blue Eggs

How pretty?!

Way more class than my old school kit. Ha. if I had kids maybe i could convince them… probably not. So maybe I should make them before I have kids… those of you with kids, let me know how it goes convincing them of how pretty this is…:) Picture and directions found at The Inspired Room and Southern Living.

2. Pretty flowers!

I know I’ve posted about her like a million times before. But this painting by my mother in law, Pam, just cheers me up 🙂 Check it out on her etsy site:


3. Creative Decorating

Come on, admit it, we all love to have fresh ideas about decorating. And remember my obsession with keys? Well… check out this blog by The Inspired Room about Vintage Key Plates! ah. love. 🙂

4. Pretty Jewerly

I have fallen in love this etsy shop’s jewerly. Crow and Iris just has some beautiful stuff!  🙂 I got one of their necklaces for my birthday last month and I wear it all the time. It’s so simple yet lovely. 

I R I S H. H I L L S... This piece is similar to the one I’ve been wearing nonstop, but mine just has a simple chain instead of the beads. love it! This color of green is awesome.
That makes me remember that all this rain brings the green grass and plants that is something I like about the East Coast compared to the West which is pretty brown for most of the year… hmmm. Guess I should be thankful for even the rain! 🙂


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  1. Pamela Holderman March 30, 2010 at 8:15 pm #

    ahh thanks. hey I love those eggs. haven’t gotten out any easter decos yet. glad you like your necklace.

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