reading with nana

reading with nana1

obviously it’s been a few weeks since these were taken. but i had to share. after our 12 month photoshoot Sophia asked Nana to read a book to her. basically that means she held up a book and grunted at her. but that’s how a 1 year old communicates. ha. that and facial expressions. {you’ll see what i mean below. hee hee.}

reading with nana2 reading with nana3 reading with nana4 reading with nana5 reading with nana7 reading with nana6 reading wtih nana8  haha. told you. too fun not to share.

and also, it’s so important to me to photograph the everyday moments, not just the special ones. the every day moments like reading with nana. that’s what memories are made of.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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