rearranging furniture

oh wait, you thought i was going to talk about rearranging the furniture in our new apartment, didn’t you. well, just kidding!  i just wanted to let you know that there have been some updates on the blog!

some of you may have already noticed the new buttons over to the left. you can now find me on pinterest, send me a note, or subscribe to the rss feed!

also, you can follow me on instagram if you have it.  i post way too many pictures of my adorable puppycakes on there, so don’t say i didn’t warn you.

i also finally updated the Husbuddy link. 🙂 hee hee. you should click on the image to the left to learn more about the man in my life.

i have big plans for this cute little blog of mine. keep posted the next few weeks for the more little changes and tweaks. {just don’t mind me if it takes a while, i’m learning how to do this as i go!}

xo-kimberly renee

ps- for those of you who dislike change… i’m sorry but i’m someone who is always rearranging furniture and changing things up in my house. change is good for me. i love the fresh feeling of changing the old into something new… so get over it. :-p xoxo!


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