i really DO want this blog to have more design and art posts, i promise. i’ve just been a little distracted by a little miss lately! when the house had it’s rebellion a few weeks ago, we made a disaster of our dining room with all the things that were in the office space… SO instead of dealing with THAT like a normal person, i rearranged the living room.

there are few things this little designer enjoys more than rearranging a space. i don’t know if it’s just that i like change or that my mind is always thinking up new ways to lay out a room. and now that we have a house, it’s a hay-day of rearranging around here! ha! {now if only we could afford the ideas in my head…we’ll get to that i suppose hee hee}

We don’t have very much “grown up” furniture…but I’m making what we have work. take these ikea expedit bookcases, we’ve had two of them since our very first apartment in Spokane WA! I’ve always used them to store lots of random things – and usually had one act as a tv stand. so that’s what we did we moved in.  it just looks tiny against this wall by itself so I kept thinking I needed more bookshelves on either side, or some sort of built ins… when I thought, why not put both down here and create one long bookshelf? i thought it might fill the room better. that and I knew I needed to cover that corner where the plant is in the before pic because it bends… there is no support for the floor in that corner!

so… we did it. just moved it downstairs from the office and replaced all the random stuff i had in the single one back for now.
in progress
here’s the mess that is my “in progress” shot. i still need to organize the shelves, it’s my plan to get 8 matching baskets to replace those three so we can store the movies and future toys in them.

here’s a quick sketch MESSY of what i’m thinking:



i need to clean up this place! ha.

and i want to get baskets to for storage as i just mentioned.

i am hoping husbuddy can make some pretty shelves. wood ones. probably with pretty brackets or something.

and we’re thinking about doing something like THIS from YHL to finish the top of the shelves with wood to make it one continuous surface. and to add wood.

i kind of want the wall to have a built in feel like some of these inspiration images:

just so you know why i started this crazy rearranging idea… we were given another couch this last week, so i had to figure out how it would fit.


here is our lazy boy store living room that has moved with us for years. we’ve been very blessed with nice leather furniture. i really can’t complain! {i just wish it wasn’t so dark…and i wish it wasn’t leather…i don’t know why, i just look at it and it’s not my favorite… but oh well! we’re so lucky to have such comfortable furniture! plus, i hear it’s easy to clean when Husbuddy  Sophie spills on it… ha we all know i’m the klutz around here, so really, i KNOW it’s easy to clean when i SPILL on it...} ANYWAY. it’s nice. but when we have people over for dinner, we really only have seats for 3. we can squeeze three people on that couch but it’s cozy…

so it’s SO nice that someone generously gave us their old leather couch!

living room2

this photo should say “in progress” as well. right now it’s just that. it’s lots of comfy seating! it’s so nice to both be able to stretch out on a couch when it’s just the two of us, and when we have company, we have plenty of seating!  but it’s in progress because we need side tables {that aren’t the 7.99 ikea LACK table… but i have an idea to hack those to spruce them up a bit!} and i am on the lookout for a rustic wood coffee table… it has to be the perfect one though, so i think it might be a while.  

anyway, you want to know where that extra expedit came from, right? oh i know you do.

guest room2

it came from our guest room. see, this is where i work:

guest room3

{alongside with my coworkers who are so graciously being good at posing for the shot…ha! puppycakes always insists on sitting in the chair behind me. and of course, little sweet pea is over there laughing on her little seat…that’s not going to keep her entertained for long, is it… ha}

the extra expedit used to store all of my art and craft supplies, as well as my scanner and printer… now it’s feeling a lot more open in this room because, well,

guest room4

i just stuffed all my supplies in the tiny little closet.


just being real, folks. ha. obviously! all of these “in progress” photos will have you doubting whether our house is EVER CLEAN OR ORGANIZED. bawhaha. {i’m laughing but crying on the inside… lol}

we’ll have to work on that too. for now though, this is what i’m living with. and besides, now it’s a nice open room for my guest that’s coming today!

guest room

my sweet little sister Amy is coming to visit!! YAY! i am SO excited!   so at least she’ll have plenty of room and the rearranging has been accomplished just in time.

{psst, you like my pile of blankets in the corner?! that would be half of my “linen closet” at the moment… ha. ack, this house does not have enough storage! laugh/cry} 

xoxo-kimberly renee 

{ps- i’m sharing this with you all because i want to be real about my life. to me, design and space planning are so fun and as i learn how to do it better, i’m sharing it on the blog… these are not “put together” images at all but i hope one day my house will be a little more “put together” like the ideas in my head. thanks for hanging around while i learn how to do that! xo!}

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  1. Karen March 5, 2014 at 4:45 pm #

    Thanks for sharing! I’m always moving things around in our house and rearranging furniture. Keeps the family guessing!

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