i love watching my puppy look out the window. he gets so excited to get a chance to look and he loves just watching the world. since our windows on this side of our apartment are high he has to get up on a chair to look out. it really kills him when he sees one of his little puppy buddies, either Muffy, Charlie, Henry or Patience. He goes a little crazy and thinks they’re coming to see him! Other times he sees his “enemies” and thinks he need to bark them away. But he wasn’t quite sure what to think when he saw his reflection this morning. i’m not even sure he saw it, actually, he probably didn’t, but i pretended that he did… 🙂
if he didn’t see it, was he just too focused on the world out there and all the things he wanted to do? that tree that needed to be marked or that corner where he last saw one of his buddies? or did he see his reflection and get focused on his own image and how sad he was that he wasn’t out there?

it makes me think about how we look out the window. do we get excited when we see the world outside, waiting for us? do look out and see opportunity to live and love? or do we look at the window, catch our own lonely reflection and get caught up in self absorption? are we inward, self focused or are we outward focused on others?
just some random reflections for your Saturday.
🙂 hee hee. pun intended.

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