seeing a beautiful ending {day 3}

day 3


sometimes it takes all day to “see” what you need that day.  i’d say that was the case for me yesterday {because, actually, i’m taking the pictures the day before i post so i’m not rushing to do it last minute!} 

i went about my day and kept avoiding taking out my camera. i also avoided my quiet time with God. {isn’t it funny how that worked out} so i kept getting frustrated with not finding anything to take a picture of and i kept getting frustrated that my day just kept filling up with things, and i had no peace, is it really any wonder it took me all day to take a moment to listen and see?

things finally slowed down with a quiet dinner with Husbuddy and a walk around the block. we met some new neighbors and a friendly dog(which Puppycakes promptly barked like crazy at so was not the best at making a first impression), then we turned down the street and saw, over the Amish fields at the end of our road a beautiful sunset.

corn and pumpkins at the end of the season, ready for harvest. a sun setting on another day, another gift. reminding me that all things end. and even the end of a frustrating day can be pretty!

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xoxo-kimberly renee

{this is part of a 31 day series about “Seeing Creatively” through the camera. to see the other 31 posts, click HERE}

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