seeing creatively {through the camera}

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31 days of pictures.

31 days of getting my camera out and opening my eyes to what God is doing.

31 days of seeking creativity when i seem dry.

31 days of seeing.

{click on a link or the image to read each of the 31 days. i’ll be adding each link day by day as it goes live.}

day 1: intro and self portrait

day 2: be still

day 3: a beautiful ending

day 4:  seeing light

day 5: in gardens

day 6: whatever you do

day 7: rain

day 8: getting ready

day 9: movement and life

day 10: let your light shine

day 11: multitasking

day 12: feet

day 13: one month

day 14: vintage curtains

day 15: little moments

day 16: providence

day 17: the start of something

day 18: light reflections

day 19: counting down

day 20: the WORD heals

day 21: a little change

day 22: a place to sit

day 23: to do list

day 24: pumpkins

day 25: marriage

day 26:  painting the nursery

day 27: apple pie

day 28: tune my heart

day 29: glass and light

day 30:

day 31:

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this series is linked up to The Nester’s 31 day challenge. feel free to go see what the other 31 day-ers are doing! 

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