sitting in the sunshine

sunshine  streaming in my window is one of the most glorious things.

it makes me smile! especially when it’s SO cold outside.  i just want to slow down and soak it in. everything is looks so good when the sunshine is streaming in.


i think it makes puppycakes happy too.  if he’s not propped up on a pillow like a king somewhere he’s definitely sprawled in the sunshine. soaking it in.sitting in sunshineafter a long week, taking a few moments to soak up sunshine is so important.

it reminds me of the many blessings in my life. little blessings and big blessings. i start to list them in my mind.

it reminds me of how good life is! i start thinking of all the things that are good. i can’t even count them all, there are so many good things.

it reminds me that the sun still shines even when it’s cold. even when life is hard, there are still little ways that God says He loves me. i try to notice the little ways. i try to open my eyes to the little gifts sun rays.

sitting in the sunshine reminds me to praise God for every little gift!

especially sunshine. 🙂

xo-kimberly renee

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