sketch for tuesday {#13}

sometimes instead of sketching something i see, i have to sketch out an idea from my head.

this usually means that the sketch isn’t as good because i’m not really sure of my idea until it’s out on paper.

here’s a new idea for a new piece of art.

we’ll see if i ever have a chance to turn it into something pretty. but for now, i feel better that the idea is out in the open 😉


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  1. Doug (dad) Holderman April 6, 2012 at 11:12 am #

    Kimberly, I look forward to seeing the completed work but actually it will never be finished until you’re in Heaven right? None the less, go for it! I visualize the expanded plan as well as the building of the foundation during your wee years – the union with your Hubby – your many accomplishments and matured character – and great hopes for the future. There’s a playfulness that we each want within as well as a seriousness. There’s a joyful heart (flowers) and challenges (repairs) which build character. And, there’s homebuilding (additions and remodels) and family (purpose), whatever size God blesses as well as those (family, friends, brothers, sisters) He draws us to in His Spirit. Are you going to put Christmas lights on the house, or fireworks, or the sunrise/sunset in the sky, a swing set in the yard with dog buddies, cats, chickens, bunny rabbits and JT throwing the ball in the air? Will there be visitors on the porch enjoying each others company? Or, are these layers beneath? However this one turns out, it will be beautiful I’m sure! – Doug

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