sketch for tuesday {#18}

my sketch for today comes to you straight from my day-job. 🙂

i was trying to figure out how to make a crown similar to this one:

i’m sure, since this is a fancy house that i’m working on,  we’ll have a custom crown made up to match the existing one exactly. that can be pricey though. because there’s a couple of pieces to it and it has a picture rail(it’s an old home with plaster walls so you don’t nail pictures into the wall) and you have to cut a custom knife.

if i wanted to make a pretty crown like this at home, i’d put together a few prefabricated(less expensive!) trim pieces to make my own “custom” crown!

a-ha. “genius” i heard you mutter under your breath. 🙂 but-nope, not my original idea… don’t ya know, this is a trade secret!

so it’s just that easy- just put together a couple of different trim pieces to create your own! easy-as pie- right?!

(right… but then you have to install it beautifully for it to look right… i’m just the designer how draws up all the pretty pictures… good luck with the installation part;) hee hee)

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