sketch for tuesday {#25}

sometimes sketching has to be done with color. you have to layer the colors and it’s mostly just a game to get the right combination! it also  stretches your mind in another dimension than normal sketching. instead of looking at the lines, it makes you look at the object that you’re trying to sketch and try to separate what colors are being used-to make the final, very beautiful, very vibrant real color!

i’m kind of stretching it here… i just had so many renderings to do this week that i’m working it in 🙂 haha.

but seriously, don’t you just love it when you start with a light color like yellow, then you layer the next color, maybe orange, then blue to get some shadows going, then green, then it all just starts to come together before your eyes.

by kimberly renee

by kimberly renee

i just love that.

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xo-kimberly renee

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