Sketch for tuesday {#26}

I am sitting on a park bench in downtown Boston. I am just people watching and exploring by myself while I wait to meet up with Husbuddy.
I just dropped my little sister off at the train station. She is catching a train to get to the airport to fly home to Colorado Springs. Praise God she actually can go home. The fire that caused my parent’s neighborhood to be under evacuation is more under control so she doesn’t have to be a refugee anymore!
So what better to do then pull out my sketchbook? Oh I wish I was better at sketching. Today I seem to be extra tight- I’m finding it hard to relax enough to sketch much at all. Life has been stressful lately, and i really notice it in my shoulders and in my inability to relax enough to sketch 🙂 ha. Isn’t that kind of funny?
So all I have for my sketch this week is evidence of my people watching. Apparently the park I am sitting at is a dog haven because there are a lot of doggie play dates going on.

I first pulled out my pencil and quickly sketched the lady, dog and trees and then decided that since I had done it so quickly to catch them that it was a complete mess. I had to trace it with pen.
Now, since this sketching thing is turning more into a mess then anything else, I’m off to do more exploring.


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