sketch for tuesday {#34}

whew! it’s been one of those days where you come back to work from vacation and you wish you could go back to vacation just to catch up from your vacation.

yes that was all one sentence.

oh man. so tonight i tried to take a chill pill and sketch from one of my vacation pictures. to pretend i was there again and try to catch up on some of that rest. this is a gate is from a beautiful place that i will plan on sharing with you soon. i thought  this gate was beautiful and inviting. some day, maybe, i can have a beautiful gate in my front entry, inviting people into my someday home!

for now i’ll pretend that i actually walked through the gate into an inviting home…{ instead of being a peeping tom-girl and just poking my head over the gate and staring with jaw dropped… hee hee}

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