sketch for tuesday {#37}

apparently i missed last tuesday. oh well.

today’s sketch is a color sketch. i took one of my favorite old photos and sketched it with… water-colored-pencils and water-color-crayons. say what? those are kids’ tools, yo. but i did it anyway. it was a nice a change of pace.

first i started with a light outline of my image.

i picked an old photo from our trip to yellowstone about 6 years ago. how young we look!



then i played with the color pencils and crayons by either dipping them in water to draw with the tips wet or drawing and then using a brush with water afterwards.

you can see i didn’t get the proportions or perspective quite right, but it was just a 15 minute sketch after all… just a little time to think and draw…and color…

and here’s the completed sketch:


used any colored pencils or crayons recently?! 😉 well maybe you should. you can find the water-color-pencils  and the water-color-crayons {pastels} when you click on the links if you want to play practice with them yourself!

enjoy! 🙂




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