sketch for tuesday {#38}

{btw-this is an extra post for my 52 weeks of sketches- this isn’t one of my 31 days of prayer! sorry for the confusion! xo}

today’s sketch comes from today’s need.

business cards for Husbuddy. silly boy. waited until it was desperately last minute to get on this. i’ve been bugging him all summer about it!

so first i sketched up some ideas on scratch paper:

you can see that they’re pretty rough.

he had a picture he wanted me to use of him and a list of things to put on it, but that’s all i needed to get started. which brings me to these “sketches”:

i know. creepy how up close and personal this photo gets huh?! haha. i’m going to go out on a limb and say that we’re probably going to have at least 20 more renditions until we get a perfect one… but this is my run down for him today. we’ll see which one he picks-to pick apart… which one would you pick? a. b. or c?


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