sketch for tuesday {#8}

today’s sketch was totally  a little last minute.

it was… what in the world am i going to sketch at 10pm on a monday night? why, o why, do i wait until the last possible moment when i have an entire week to do one meesly little sketch?


so luck would have it, the latest j.crew catalog was sitting on our coffee table. tada!

and…another distraction from sketching for a few minutes while i flip through the pretty pictures…

i love looking at this catalog. not that i can afford anything in there. but it’s pretty and the poses that the models do for it cracks me up. they’re so… what’s the word… trying to be posh. is that a saying? does that even make sense? not really. but they’re so fashionable and they know it.

even the kids for the crewcuts section.

it cracks me up.

so…inspiration!… i had to try to draw some of these smarty-pants kids:


{ya, i know, the one with the paper airplane looks-in my sketch- looks like an old man… whatcha going to do about it?}

so there ya go. for this week’s sketch for tuesday, i sketched some cute – slightly posh- maybe looking a little stuck up-but know they look good- kids.

maybe some day i’ll be convinced that my own little boy needs to wear a bowtie.

i probably won’t buy it for him from j.crew though. just saying. :-p


ps. what normal person could possible afford to spend this much on a piece of clothing that their child is going to grow out of it a month?????? i’m a little amazed.

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