sketching {day 30}

day 30

today got away from me. i have to say, i’ve felt pretty good about posting every day for this 31 day challenge, but today i kept putting it off. really, it was hard to get much of anything done today. do you ever have days like that? just me? ok, well, then it’s just me. hee hee.

today’s picture comes from my random sketch of our house. i think it’s kind of cool to see it develope on paper and thought i’d try to share that. didn’t really work, but i like how just by adding a little bit of darkness to the windows, really starts to make the sketch pop:



and then, the same thing, just adding a little bit of color gives it more depth: color



i have been thinking for a while that it would be fun to do a “new house” or “we moved” post card to mail out to our friends and family with our new address. i wish we could afford to do that…for now we’ll just have to suffice by emailing the address or texting whoever asks. ha. but i’m thinking this would also make fun Christmas cards! wouldn’t that be kind of cool? if you bought a new house, would you like a Christmas card made from a little sketch of your house? May need to add that idea somehow to the shop! you know, in all my spare time at the moment…ha.

move example

anyway, it’s fun that just a little bit of color and the sketch really starts to be fun. love that.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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{this is part of a 31 day series about “Seeing Creatively” through the camera. to see the other 31 posts, click HERE}



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