snow bunny

it snowed a foot on monday. and since i was DYING  to get this cute little snow suit out and put the little munchkin in it, {i mean, literally, dying to put her in this super cute little fuzzy thing…since like september when i found it at the church yard sale…} we used the snow as an excuse…

the snow suit

to torture our child. bawhaha.

the snow suit2

and i thought it was pretty hilarious what a drama queen she was.

the snow suit3

where’d she get that? the drama, i mean?

seriously, child. it’s just a little bit of cold, wet stuff hitting your face. get over it and see how pretty it is! i love the snow! i don’t get why she didn’t… hee hee. i kid, i kid.

the snow suit4

poor thing. 5 minutes outside and she was ready to rebel… or at least ask for a different set of parents.

ha. ok, well, maybe we’ll save the playing in the snow until next year.

{but she won’t fit in this freaking adorable snow suit!!!}

xoxo-kimberly renee

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