so our hope may be strengthened


“Now we already see how much benefit

Come from the cross, as from an endless thread.

For it, reversing the false opinion

Naturally conceived by us

Of our very own virture

And uncovering our hypocrisy

(Which flatteringly seduces and abuses us),

Reduces the reliance on our felth

( A most pernicious influence on us).

After, it teaches us thus humbled

To rest in God, who, being our foundation,

Does not let us succumb or lose courage.

Hope follows this victory.

Moreover, the Lord, in fulfilling His Promise,

Establishes His truth for time to come.

Surely if these were the only reasons,

How necessary the training of the cross

Would still appear.

To be cleansed of our blinding self-love

So we may straightway recognize our weakness;

To feel our weakness so we may learn

Distrust of self, distrusting oursleves,

To transfer our trust to God;

To lean on God with a trusting heart

So that be His help we may persevere

Unto the victorious end;

To stand in His grace so we may know

Him true and faithful in His promises;

To have unquestioned assurance in His promises

So our hope may thereby be strengthened.”

-John Calvin  (through “The Piety of John Calvin by Ford Lewis Battles)

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