some easter pictures

family2 in daddy's arms


we had a lovely Easter today. granted, Husbuddy is EXHAUSTED. i’m pretty sure he climbed into bed by 6 tonight! some sweet friends had us over for a lovely dinner. it’s so nice when people invite us over for holidays because it helps me not to miss family as much!!

1st easter3 1st easter2


it was Sophia’s first Easter, and so of course i had to get her an Easter basket {even if she couldn’t really enjoy anything} i found a $1.50 basket from target and the cutest plastic eggs that look like little animals. i figure both of these things will come in handy for future Easters!  and then i put her own stuffed chick in the basket…because well, she doesn’t know the difference. and the jellybeans {because they are pretty!} are for Husbuddy. ha

sitting in bumbo

before he climbed into bed, i made him take a couple pictures of me with my little bambino. {that’s baby in italian, mom, just so you know…lol}

Sophia and sammie and me

i love this one he caught of baby smiling {like the only one all night!} but i was watching the dog…because he went right for her face after this! ha. awesome.

my girl and me

my nails are a mess, my baby isn’t smiling, i already took my earrings out, i’m hunched over and the room is messy, but i still love these photos. it shows a little bit of real life. and the light in her bedroom was perfect! and her rosy cheeks. o my goodness gracious.

momma and daughter2

and this moment is just so precious.

little legs

because baby legs are just the cutest. i think when she grows up she’ll agree.

easter tummy time

playing and tummy time.

sweet face

look at those blue eyes. where does she get them?!

looking at dress dress found

and then we found our dress and decided it was yummy.

He is Risen Indeed!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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One Response to some easter pictures

  1. Sherri Brown April 21, 2014 at 8:18 am #

    Her lips are so sweet – especially in the one that you think everything is a mess 🙂 Have a great day. My Cherry tree is ready to bloom!

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