some family photos from easter

we had a beautiful Easter on Sunday. how about you guys? here are a couple of pictures from our day:

family photo  family photo at church of course!

easter candy lunch time  having a small lunch before naptime/easter dinner at friends house. she was most interested in checking out what was on the table.

tickles2 tickles1 tickles3  tickles from daddy when he got home from church. {we have to drive separate because of how long husbuddy is there, so the little miss is always extra excited to see him when he gets home! even if we just saw him at chuch.}

daddy and girl  she loves her daddy!

after a futile fight to get her to nap, we headed to friends for easter dinner and a small easter egg hunt just for her! ha:

Why is it empty? Daddy says it’s because the tomb is empty, baby.

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She got into the egg hunt today!


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momma and girl smiles at momma

it was a lovely celebration with our little family and with friends. it is so fun to watch her start to experience things like egg hunts and easter candy. she now refuses her lunch in favor of her easter “candy” {which really is bunny-grahams in her easter eggs} so actually i don’t think the easter candy will stay out too much longer… haha.

God is good.


xoxo-kimberly renee

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