some fun

So my littlest sister Amy…

is pretty cute.

dontcha think? granted… this was a couple years ago when she helped us move to Jersey, but she’s even cuter now.


she introduced me to “StumbleUpon”

have you ever checked that out? it’s a site that you just put in your interests, and then you can push the “stumble” button and it finds websites that you might like. a very fun way to avoid doing any sort of house work… 😉

Here are couple of cool sites i’ve found on it today! -such a cool way to find cool craft sites!

a really cool rossette wreathe! o man. i want to make it! next time i have 3 free hours… i’ll let you know how it goes!

the most amazing vintage doiley thing ever. a lamp fixture!

stumble upon- another really cool, very distracting, way of exploring the internet. 🙂 there’s my sweet find of the month. 🙂

then puppycakes was cute and adorable as usual, so i thought i’d use him as “picture of the day” today. he loves giving us his paw for a shake. even loves it more when there’s a treat involved! {hence, the far away look of him staring at husbuddy’s other hand!! :)}

Hope you’ve had a fun friday as well! xoxo.

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